Wreaths Radio Applauds Voices of Service and CAMMO

Music is a powerful force and has been on the front lines throughout history. The fife and drum signaled commands on the battlefield and countless buglers have buttoned up military forts and encampments at the end of the day with the solemn sound of TAPS.  Music restores humanity and brings comfort during the most trying times. One such example is shared in Wreaths Across America’s Executive Director Karen Worcester’s telling of Sir Stanley’s story about the Christmas They Never Had.  

Wreaths Radio appreciates the value of music. As a radio station dedicated to our military and veterans, we recognize the impact music has as a therapy to manage PTSD and a means to provide solace during deployments. A Wreaths Radio listener and volunteer location coordinator in Maryland brought the musical quartet Voices of Service to our attention last month and upon hearing their mission and moving harmonies we had to reach out and learn more.

Voices of Service is a vocal music group made up of veterans and active duty service members affiliated with the Center for American Military Music Opportunities or C*A*M*M*O.  They are currently making headlines as they advance in the America’s Got Talent auditions, all while raising awareness about PTSD and veteran suicide. Voices of Service was not the first group affiliated with this amazing nonprofit to get the attention of America and the judges on America’s Got Talent. The Military Spouses Choir also wowed audiences and moved people to tears back in 2013. Cathie Lechareas is the Co-Founder of C*A*M*M*O and a U.S. Navy veteran. In addition to hearing their music on Wreaths Radio, you can support their fundraising efforts for Wreaths Across America. Cathie tells us this is the location she wishes to be laid to rest when that time comes, and she volunteers there to lay veterans’ wreaths in December.

You can hear more from Cathie about these performance groups and other talented musicians on Military Musicians Showcase on Wreaths Radio on Friday and Monday evenings at 8-9:00 PM eastern. You can listen here from your browser www.wreathsacrossamerica.org/radio or pick it up on a phone app.