NEW TEACH Series - Stories of Character, Courage and Sacrifice

Wreaths Across America is proud to partner with American Gold Star Mothers, Inc., to share a new TEACH series focusing on CHARACTER. 

Coinciding with Memorial Day 2020, WAA will be sharing this special project, which includes interviews with Gold Star parents across the country and our executive director Karen Worcester, on the Official WAA Facebook page. 

We will be highlighting the service, sacrifice, and CHARACTER of the men and women who so selflessly fought for our freedoms, as well as the perseverance of their families. During these videos, Karen Worcester (and oftentimes, her 12-year-old grandson, Miles) speaks with Gold Star Mothers, in an effort to learn about their child, their willingness to serve and sacrifice for our country’s freedom, and how they embodied the attributes that encompass our veteran’s remembrance wreath (10 balsam bouquets).
We’ll learn about these heroes, including who they were growing up; from silly and mischievous children to determined and steadfast young men and women, all who raised their right hands to serve our country. We’ll be moved as we hear from these incredibly strong and resilient parents who have taken up the torch to serve and who selflessly give to those in their very own communities, through their dedication with American Gold Star Mothers and other veteran service organizations. Most importantly, we’ll be inspired to teach the youth of America about these heroes and what it means to be courageous, service-minded, and to live a life of sacrifice.

While your children (or children within your local community) are at home learning, this is a wonderful way to integrate real-world life lessons into your curriculum, while paying forward the blessings these heroes have made possible for each and every one of us. Now is the time to TEACH the next generation about these extraordinary men and women, their families, and their legacies. As we do so, the memories of these heroes will be kept alive and our future generations will also embody the CHARACTER attributes that our veterans so courageously exemplify.